There is only one person with you at every track day, race day or ride up the road. YOU!


I know it's a cliche, but sometimes "Two Clicks of Rebound" is the answer.

But how do you know? Check the web? No. Too many possible answers!!

Make a change. Is it better? Good. Is it worse? Good. Now you have a direction!


If you can follow basic steps, you can work through the minefield that is Ergonomics, Geometry and Suspension Set-up. Everything on a motorcycle affects the total machine. 


At a Track Tech WorkShop Day we like you to bring your own bike. Preferably with scrubbed tires from your last outing. You will want to know what does what and how to adjust things specific to your combination. Good. I'm happy to see how your bike fits together. What Fairing Brackets you use. The clips and fastenings. How you have run the Loom. Chain Tension and Adjusters. Hand Control Ergonomics and Switches. Exhaust system and hangers. Foot pegs and peddles. Brake lines etc. All of these things are important and make up the total package.

The ultimate bike is like an extra limb that you put on and it becomes second nature to use. A prosthetic motorcycle.


     After coffee, we start by going over the Track Tech Folder you are each supplied with. Sections include sheets for Maintenance, Day Sheets, Gearing examples, Tire pressures and Wear Patterns. And a very thorough Suspension             "If, Then?" Chapter.

     Moving into the workshop we look at the bikes brought along for the day  (Max of 3). Removing fairings and having a look at each bike, we can help you fill in your bike settings in the Day Sheet in your folder. 

     Next we discuss each adjustment on your bike, the tools you may require and advise on anything else that stands out. This will help you feel confident with how to make changes at a later date. 

     This brings us to lunch. We will supply refreshments unless you are fussy. Then bring your own please.

Discussions don't stop just because we eat. There is always a story to tell. Sometimes this is when you might remember a situation that left you with a question.      

     We go back into the WorkShop and continue with more questions. Moving onto Springs, Sag and PreLoad. From here things become more and more specific to your requirements. I like to relate your questions to one track most people are familiar with. This makes more information stick in your mind too. We go through individual problems and use the Track Tech Folder to arrive at answers.

     The thorough Suspension "If, Then?" section is then the focus of a final Question and Answer session (with coffee). This is were i want you to get familiar with using your new found knowledge (folder) and how to maximise positive and minimise negative effects of changes. This is also were we discuss which parts of a track have the greatest influence on lap times. A poor feeling at Agostini's might be a very worthwhile trade off for a perfect Coram. 

     I bet you have never set aside an hour of track time to feel the effect of each simple suspension adjustment. Why not?


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